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Communicating effortlessly in noisy environments

Having a conversation in a noisy environment is often difficult. Sometimes the voice of your conversation partner is difficult to distinguish from the background noise. With Auditio, Babble or Club the person you talk to is as clearly audible as if you are both in a quiet room. Never before has there been a range of products especially designed to assist with conversations in noisy conditions. Both products are suitable to hear the sound of the television much more clearly.

Your ideal conversation partner

The new product Auditio is a very small device that fully fits inside the ear. With the digital Auditio, there are have 4 different programmes that provide you with optimal listening according to the situation. Auditio comes with 4 different earplugs.

Babble has the look of a modern hands-free set for mobile phones. Babble is intended for people who have no difficulty understanding speech in a quiet environment, but experience difficulties once there is a lot of noise. Babble is designed to fit most ears as it is provided with three different sized earplugs. The small device is very easy to use and affordable.

Club has the size of a cigarette and can either be held in the hand or worn on the ear. Club is intended for people with larger hearing losses, many of whom will already be using a hearing aid. If you already have a behind-the-ear hearing aid, Club can, in most cases, be connected to it. This enables you to add the very high directivity of the Club to your own hearing aids. Club can tempoarily replace smaller in-the-ear hearing aids.